Check out the new beta of FormulatePro. It’s a lot nicer than Formulate, but as of version 0.2, it cannot import Formualte non-Pro documents.


Formulate is a simple Mac OS X application that allows one to overlay text on top of a PDF file. This is particularly useful for filling out forms.

Right now, the interface is pretty weak, but it is functional. Learning to use Formulate shouldn’t be too hard if you try out this Practice Form

As of version 0.0.0, Formulate is a universal binary.


See the screenshot.


The latest version of Formulate is 0.0.1.

  • Formulate 0.0.1


    Some people asked me how to contribute to my efforts. Well, feel free to donate whatever you want.

    I will personally donate 5% of all money donated (after Paypal transaction fees) to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

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    What people are saying

    “Just wanted to say thanks for writing Formulate. It’s actually exactly what I would have done if I’d had a chance to write an app myself.”—Michael Sykes

    “Earlier today, before I opened my email from VersionTracker, I grappled with trying to convert a PDF form to text so I could fill it in. Impossible! Then I opened my VT email and found Formulate. It is what I was seeking and has enabled me to fill in forms that otherwise I would [have] had to print and fill in by hand. Remarkable.”—Alan Pease

    “I really love Formulate. It totally just saved my ass. I just realized the application for the job I want to apply to is due tomorrow afternoon. They require you to print the application form out and hand deliver it to their office, and I sure as hell don’t have a type writer in my dorm room. Formulate rocks! Keep up the good work.”—Kyle Brown

    Older versions

    Here are old versions of Formulate:

  • Formulate 0.0.0
  • Formulate 0.-2
  • Formulate 0.-3
  • Formulate 0.-4


    If you want to edit the source, I strongly recommend you do an anonymous subversion checkout. It easier to make diffs, update, and more. To do the initial checkout: svn co Formulate

    To submit changes to me, do svn diff > myChange.patch and email me the patch file. See my Contact Info for address.

    You may also see the source on the live subversion tree (you may also want the old cvs repository)

    You may get a tarball of the latest source if you want.

    Support and Credits

    You may be interested in the Contact Info of Andrew de los Reyes, the author of Formulate.