MilliCalc is a small, tiny, lightweight, Cocoa, RPN calculator for Mac OS X.

As of version 1.1.2, MilliCalc is a universal binary. MilliCalc requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.



Some people asked me how to contribute to my efforts. Well, feel free to donate whatever you want.

I will personally donate 5% of all money donated (after Paypal transaction fees) to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

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The latest version of MilliCalc is Version 2.1.1. Here is the corresponding source code.

Older Versions:

  • MilliCalc 1.0 (source tarball)


    MilliCalc 2 includes documentation on commands.

    MilliCalc version 1 supports the following operations:

  • + – add
  • _ – subtract
  • * – multiply
  • / – divide
  • & – AND
  • | – OR
  • ^ – XOR
  • ~ – NOT
  • < – bit shift left (<< operator)
  • > – bit shift right (>> operator)
  • p – power
  • s – square root
  • l – log of second to top number, base top
  • L – natural log of top number


    You can download a tarball of the latest source. Also, You can view the live subversion repository.

    If you would like to do an anonymous svn checkout, do svn co

    To do:

  • Icon
  • Rotate Left, Rotate Right
  • 1’s & 2’s compliment
  • 64 bit ints in hex mode (not 32 like they are now)... maybe even arbitrary precision
  • Binary mode
  • It would be cool to be able to control-click a number in the stack and a contextual menu would allow you to perform conversions on it (e.g. metric prefixes, weights, distances, etc)
  • MilliCalc should already know many common constants (g, c, etc)

    If you make any change, please submit a diff to me. See my Contact Info.

    Support and Credits

    You may be interested in the Contact Info of Andrew de los Reyes, the author of MilliCalc.