I have always been drawn to designed objects and the way they are made. This curiosity and drive has led me to create concepts, illustrations, digital models and prototypes to discover and communicate a rich design process.

I have led research and award-winning design projects while employed at Streng Design, a Chicago-based design consultancy and extended my range to project lead of high-resolution prototypes for major American brands.

After settling in San Francisco in 2010, I have now collaborated on a range of projects taking on research, design and engineering. I have been fortunate to build relationships on a local and national stage with companies like Hlaska, Bouvet USA and Loll that entrust their design, identity and production support to me.

My foundation in this field was earned through rigorous development of a personal body of work, founded in my education of design history, materials, and usability. RISD’s learn-by-doing approach is an invaluable tool, learning first-hand of design, production and engineering.

I am always open to meeting other designers and finding opportunities for creative collaboration.


Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Furniture Design, 2007

materials research
design for manufacturing
high-resolution prototyping

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